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Новые Lineage 2 сервера

Уже открыты


LA2BUTCHER.RU x10000 Interlude+ 01.10.18 LA2DREAM.SU x50 Interlude 29.09.18 LA2LIBERTY.RU x100 Interlude 29.09.18 LINESTORM.RU x1200 Interlude 21.09.18 AVERIA.WS GvE Classic 14.09.18

На прошлой неделе

L2SPLIT.RU x50 Epilogue 19.10.18 L2FAITH.ONLINE x5 Interlude 20.10.18 L2ALLTAR.PRO x100 Epilogue 15.10.18 L2PHOENIX.PRO x250 Interlude 19.10.18 L2SANS.RU x100 Epilogue 20.10.18 ASTERIA.LIFE x300 High Five 20.10.18 NELEUS.PRO x50 High Five 20.10.18 L2RETURN.COM x100 Interlude 20.10.18

Неделю назад и более

LA2BUTCHER.RU x10000 Interlude+ 01.10.18 LA2LIBERTY.RU x100 Interlude 29.09.18 LA2DREAM.SU x50 Interlude 29.09.18 LINESTORM.RU x1200 Interlude 21.09.18 AVERIA.WS GvE Classic 14.09.18 LACRADE.PRO x100 Interlude 05.10.18 L2SPLIT.RU x50 Epilogue 05.10.18 L2NAME.RU x10 High Five 29.09.18 GENESIS.MS x1200 Interlude 28.09.18 L2MAD.NET x100000 Interlude+ 21.09.18 RAMPAGE.PW x100 Interlude 21.09.18 L2MUMIJ.COM x100 Interlude 15.09.18 [PTS]ZMEGA.COM x3 Interlude 15.09.18 L2TARGET.RU x50000 Interlude+ 13.10.18 LIRION.SU x100 Interlude 13.10.18 FASTSERV.CLUB x10000 Interlude+ 11.10.18 TWOSIDE.ONLINE x700 Interlude 06.10.18 LINEAGE2.CZ x16 Interlude 06.10.18 L2CREST.COM x5 Interlude 06.10.18 ASTERIA.LIFE x300 High Five 06.10.18 MULTIPROFF.PW x1 Interlude 05.10.18 L2RUS.COM x2 Interlude 05.10.18 ETERNAL.MS x1200 Interlude 05.10.18 REAL-PVP.RU x50000 Interlude+ 05.10.18 MULTICRAFT.SU x100 Interlude 05.10.18 ZAKEN-WORLD.RU x5000 High Five 29.09.18 FASTSERV.CLUB x10000 Interlude+ 25.09.18 LA2AXE.NET x100 Interlude 22.09.18 L2KETRA.RU x5000 Interlude 22.09.18 LA2.ME x55 High Five 22.09.18 L2CREED.ME x33333 Interlude+ 20.09.18 LA2RELAX.RU x100 Interlude 18.09.18 L2MAD.NET x100000 Interlude+ 18.09.18 LA2-C4.RU RvR C4 16.09.18 L2MAFIA.NET x300 Interlude 13.09.18 DM-AM.RU x100 Interlude 12.09.18 L2NOVA.NET x1200 Interlude 08.09.18 L2BEST.RU[MULTIPROFF] x1 Interlude+ 08.09.18 HALISHA.RU x1200 Interlude 08.09.18 L2RETURN.COM x1200 Interlude 07.09.18 TIRAEL.RU x50 Interlude 07.09.18 PLAYTOGLORY.COM x7 Interlude 07.09.18 FROZEN-WORLD.CLUB x50000 Interlude+ 06.09.18 INSTAWORLD.PW x100 Interlude 06.09.18 X1200.RU x120000 Interlude+ 04.09.18 PLAYORBIS.PRO x100 Interlude 31.08.18 L2WONDER.RU x10 Interlude 30.08.18

New Server L2

New Lineage 2 servers - soon opening or just opened game worlds based on the game Lineage 2. Due to the huge popularity, many L2 servers open every day with various rates and chronicles, as well as with unique modifications and additions. Play on these L2 servers you can absolutely free.

L2 Server Announcements

Adding an announcement of the opening of a new server L2 On the relevant sites - a unique and inexpensive opportunity to advertise the new game world Lineage. In view of the high transience of the life of any l2 server, players constantly need new servers and constantly surf Internet open spaces in search of the best server. Make an announcement of the Lineage 2 server and inform all players about the new discovery, collect a decent starting online for your project. We display all announcements of servers of L2 with possible selection by chronicles and raits.

Which Lineage server to choose: PvP, Craft-PvP, Low-Rate?

There are several ramifications of Freeshard servers of Lineage 2: Lowrate; kraft pvp (Craft-PvP); pvp (PvP). This relative classification allows in a few words to describe the game server's benchmarks and an approximate audience.

Laurent Server L2 - with a sufficiently long pumping of the character and the rates from x1 to x5. Suitable for a long game with friends or in the clan. Require such servers from 4 hours a day and are suitable for true connoisseurs.

Kraft pvp server La2 - do not require you to spend a lot of time to achieve certain heights in the game. The perfect combination for lovers to war and to craft in their spare time. As a rule, the rates on such servers range from x25-x50 to x100, quests are reduced or they come up with an alternative version.

PvP of the server Lineage 2 - A separate branch of servers, where the whole game is concentrated on PvP battles. These servers are equipped with shops, where all the gaming items can be bought for Adena. Excellent for evening relaxation after work.